About Us

EduMIS is a Gurgaon based EdTech software development company specialising in building websites for Schools.

EduMIS since inception in 2015 has been a go-to source for schools facing challenges in building website to effectively share unique aspects of their school with their users. Our team of experts have been trained specifically to improve school perception, create user friendly, interactive websites which ultimately unites the community of students, teachers, and educational departments as a whole.

We have developed over 500+ school Websites.

Our effective and professional designing capabilities helps our clients to increase the overall success of their site, making it more functional and user-friendly

Getting Started is simple

We understand that being in the education eld taking out time for designing and writing content for your website is a big challenge, simply schedule a meeting with the decision-maker at your school, to brief our team on your expectations and do's and don'ts and we take it up from there. After understanding your needs we will send across a simple template where you would

write about the school's important milestones, your school's vision,and mission add important pictures and a small brief on your teachers.

3 Easy Steps to get your website online


Book a demo with our team and purchase a domain name for your website.


Send us a brief bout your school and share a few pictures along with other important details.


Our dedicated team of web developers Seo Experts, Content writers will work on your website and deliver fully functional dynamic website within 7 working days

Create a website that Grows with you.

EduMis Framework allows you to integrate all types of CRM and Data Integration Software with your website. Our team of experts would deliver an eye-catching, dynamic, and userfriendly web design for both desktop and mobile devices. We ensure that the look and feel of the website integrate with your school's logo colors schemes and in case you need our help in re-designing the Logo our team would do it at no additional cost.

Content which is easy to understand and is also SEO friendly



We are experts in creating eye-catching, interactive and user-friendly website designs formatted beautifully for both desktop and mobile devices. It is important when a prospective student lands on your site to be intrigued not only by the look and feel, but by the content and design as a whole. We have stacked our team of experts to meet your school's marketing needs by covering all the bases.


SEO should be a key component of any institution's overall marketing strategy. EduMIS specializes in optimizing web content for schools, propelling them to the top of search engines in a timely manner by adding all relevant key words and title tags in your website.


Content is no doubt the key element for the success of any website. Our expert content writers help you write impactful & SEO friendly content for your school’s website. Without the impactful content you could be missing an important opportunity to reach an interested audience. Our team always aims to provide value with the intention to evoke a reaction.

Recent Work

Click the images below to view the live website.

Our Services

Get a website for your school today and leverage EduMIS web experience with exciting features and free domain-hosting for your school website.

Fully Dynamic

Updating your website is now easier than ever with our specially designed control panel for ‘no tech savvy’ person.

Mobile Optimized

Phone, Tablet or Desktop- you look amazing on each and every screen. Mobile optimization helps exceptional page speed on smartphones.

SEO Friendly

Enhance your reach with enabled meta-tag editing & built-in SEO features, get ready to see large visitor rush on your school website.

Online Admissions Form

Receiving online applications for admissions will be first step forward towards admitting wards into your school through internet.

Online Results

Create a result excel, fill in exam details and upload the result excel- this is how simple publishing results on your school website looks like.

Multi-language Support

Best technologies embrace your language & culture. Now, communicate in any language your audience best understands.

Quality Assurance with EduMIS

Our team promises to test and measure functionality of the site, formatting, and content. Not only do we deliver stunning websites in a timely manner, we take pride in delivering accuracy and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Data protection & Privacy

At EduMIS we respect your data privacy, non of our staff has access to your websites data base, all the confidential information captured, uploaded or maintained on your website are password protected and only your appointed staff has an access to this database of visitors, leads, students and parents information stored on your website.

CBSE Compliance’s & Security

We will take care of all CBSE & all states Board Mandatory Disclosure along with other legal compliance’s, We also provide with Free SSL Certificate to secure the data which is in transit between server and browser. In simple words, it keeps the information private and secure. SSL helps in protecting the data from hackers and skimmers by turning them into the undecipherable format.